Last week, I visited Kinderdijk, one of UNESCO World Heritage in The Netherlands. Kinderdijk known as the only place in The Netherlands, even in the world, with many windmills (about 19 windmills) exist in one place. They have been well preserved to the present day.

 If you are talking about windmill, your mind will connect you to the Netherlands. Finding windmill in the Netherlands maybe easy, because in every city or on the way using train or car, there is a windmill stands as a symbol of the Netherlands. But if you want to take a picture with a lot of windmill, than you have to go to Kinderdijk. There is another place with some windmill, it is Zaanze Schans also in Netherlands, but not as many as Kinderdijk.

Why I am so keen to visit this site..? It is because of the shirt I bought in the Schiphol Airport in 2004. I just finished my study that day. When I was waiting for my flight, I saw this nice shirt with a picture of windmills on it with the word HOLLAND. I bought it, and brought it to my country. I proudly wear it every time, and people started to ask me about the windmills.  They asked the location of the windmills on my shirt, well I said it was in Holland as it appears on the shirt.  But when they asked the exact location, I started to realize that I don’t know where it is. Now that I have opportunity to comeback to the Netherlands, I just said to myself, I have to visit this site. 

It was unfortunate that when I visited last week, the weather was not very good (although it was summer). It was cloudy and the wind was strong, so it was not easy to get a nice picture for myself. And I just got the news from my friend, when I got back to ITC and tell her about Kinderdijk, that a week before there was a man killed by lightning in Kinderdijk. Well in that case, I was fortunate, that there was no lightning at that time. 

By the way, Kinderdijk is very nice place. You have to check your weather forecast before you go there, and if you have a bright blue sky and a sunny day, I guaranty you will have a bunch of nice pictures for yourself. And, maybe Kinderdijk even nicer in the winter with everybody is skiing on the frozen river.

kinderdijk_fav_10.jpg kinderdijk_fav_08.jpg kinderdijk_fav_03.jpg kinderdijk_fav_01.jpg



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